Summa’s worldwide product development and production takes place in Belgium

It might be obvious to us at Summa, but many people don’t know that Summa’s worldwide product research and development, as well as the production of the roll cutter ranges, F Series and L Series takes place in Belgium. In fact, from an operational perspective, Summa is 100% Belgian. Did you know that?

From Belgium with love

Summa has a long history in the cutting industry and for many years, the cutting solutions from Summa are finding their way to customers from all over the world. An impressive track of companies are using Summa cutting equipment to finish their applications to the highest standards. We cannot imagine the amounts of material that has been cut to make beautiful lettering, promotional posters, striking billboards, store displays, banners, packaging, logo signs, flags and many other applications.

Even today, there are still lots of opportunities for businesses to become more efficient and generate further growth. In our eyes, this is the potential of cutting technologies:

  • Companies can save valuable time and money by replacing slow conventional cutting systems. Moreover, the learning curve for operators does not need to be a bottleneck when investing in new cutting systems.
  • More automated cutting solutions are optimizing workflows and help companies to make the most of their people's time.
  • Collaborations between manufacturers of printers and cutters will bring print-and-cut workflows to the next level.

From local distributors to your doorstep

While the majority of Summa’s activities are happening in Belgium, the company and customers can rely on a large network of valued resellers worldwide. The resellers are regionally active delivering professional product advice and service. Moreover, to keep their knowledge on point, the resellers’ sales and technical teams follow regular training sessions of the product ranges at Summa.

Of course, the growing business of Summa in the United States could not have been at this level without the sales and service driven Summa America team, based in Beverly. On the other side of the world, Summa also has a Business Development Manager, sales and support in Singapore, responsible for the Asia Pacific regions.

Do you own a Summa cutter and are you proud of the products you make? Send photos of your creative applications to [email protected], accompanied with a short text about your business and the cutter you own. We are more than happy to put your company in the spotlight!