Summa L1810 2nd generation laser cutter: ready to boost your production workflow!

Launched in EMEA, rest of the world to follow in May.

Since Summa embraced laser technology, the company did not falter to keep innovating, developing and finetuning its laser portfolio. Now, imagine colourful textiles transformed into quality sportswear in all kinds of material types, all of which are perfectly cut and finished with a dedicated Summa laser cutter.

This is where the next generation Summa laser cutter comes into the foreground. Meet the Summa L1810 2nd generation laser cutter, a highly productive workhorse that can be the gamechanger you were looking for!

Speed and quality combined into one powerful machine
The Summa L1810 2nd generation laser cutter is the first laser cutter fully developed by Summa. The laser cutter is ideal to cut sensitive and thin materials for sportswear applications, always with the same consistent top-notch cutting quality. Its unbelievable speed ensures the machine can keep up the pace with the printing equipment, ensuring a print & cut workflow that is perfectly in line.

Enjoy the L1810 2nd gen key benefits:

  • Small footprint and stable base, facilitating easy installation and fitting in about any size of production area
  • Contactless cutting with high precision: no fabric distortion while cutting, which makes them ideal to process sensitive and easily distorted materials
  • Perfectly sealed edges: cutting quality exceeding your expectations
  • Continuous production of roll materials: thanks to the unique conveyor system and workflow automation with the GoProduce Laser Edition software
  • Significant cost savings: fewer labour costs thanks to automation, no setup costs and no tool costs

Future-proof and safe solution to grow alongside your business
The robust construction, field-upgradable options and matching software make the L1810 2nd generation laser cutter an unrivalled and future-proof laser cutter that thrives even in the most demanding, high-volume production environments.

The laser cutter is built according to strict safety requirements, classified for Class 1 safety, specific to Summa laser equipment. Designed with premium components for long durability and in such a way that the installation of these parts remains straightforward.

Thanks to the many retrofittable options and features, you can enhance the L1810 2nd gen laser cutter at any given time appropriate to grow at your company’s pace.

Smart cutting techniques to uplevel your workflow efficiency
Depending on the specific application and production environment, different cutting techniques can be used in combination with the GoProduce Laser Edition software and often with the Vision camera system.

  • Cut-on-the-Fly, enabling to keep cutting while scanning and feeding the material simultaneously through the Vision camera system. This will facilitate extreme fast processing of jobs, increasing the production capacity considerably. 
  • Cut-to-Frame, allowing to cut banners precisely to the millimetre, so they will perfectly fit into an SEG frame with the image aligned as desired. This technique prevents errors, material waste and costs and reduces post-cutting labour to an absolute minimum.
  • Trace & Cut, allowing automatic processing of an entire roll with different jobs without pre-prepared cutting data. Using the Vision camera system, the contours of the artwork are traced without the need to retrieve cutting files. Subsequently, the artwork is scanned and cut automatically, offering maximum operator comfort.
  • Barcode workflow allows cutting an entire roll with minimal operator intervention, leading to fewer human errors, higher productivity, impeccable cutting results and freed-up time for the operator to attend to other assignments.

Matching production-oriented software
The GoProduce Laser edition software module is part of the umbrella software GoSuite and represents a production-oriented and robust software for the L Series, the L1810 2nd gen included.

The software is developed to handle jobs easily and straightforwardly whilst it guarantees material optimisation. Several smart, easy-to-use options and features will help establish a fully automated workflow where operator comfort is key. To maximise your L Series' use to the fullest, the optional GoProduce Laser Edition Pro Pack offers even more functionality, such as the barcode workflow.

If you value optimal automation, levelled-up production and impeccable quality the Summa L1810 2nd generation laser cutter is the ideal workhorse for you. To efficiently and accurately process your cutting assignments and meet even the most rigid lead times successfully. Each time again.

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