Optimized workflow to meet high customer demands at Printsquare

Haarlem-based large format print company, Printsquare, accelerates productivity and optimizes its workflow for the finishing of innovative products with the purchase of a Summa F1612 flatbed finishing system.

Printsquare was founded in 2013 by Peter Duijn and Ronald Aarts and counts 7 employees. The company distinguishes itself by the use of innovative products, such as Polysteel, Polymag and self-adhesive wallpaper. Printsquare’s speciality is the application of magnetic material, such as Polysteel, where the visuals (print designs) don’t need to hold adhesive tape or other fastening material. The wall is simply prepared with magnetic foil where-after the print with iron coating can easily be installed/mounted on the wall. Thanks to the magnetic adhesive strength the print will stay put perfectly.  The principle also works vice versa.  In this case, the wall needs to be metal or ferriferous and here the print will have a magnetic backside. This material (Polymag) is often used as a sticker or poster on metallic panels.

For a good while, Printsquare’s customer base is growing steadily and large quantity orders with diverse application/material requirements are coming in fast and surely. So, in order to meet customer demands, Printsquare’s production needed to expand with extra printers and with a flatbed cutting table. This is the point where Summa appeared on stage.


From the workshop...

The purchase without regret

Ronald Aarts, the owner of Printsquare, comments: “Before the Summa F1612 we used to cut everything manually or with the Fotoba. However, as demands were sky-rocketing and products became more and more innovative and challenging to process, we really needed to speed-up our production as soon as possible, without losing sight of the high-quality finishing, where we, at Printsquare, swear by.  In fact, there were two options: or we hired an extra employee to do the finishing, or we invested in a flatbed finishing system.  We went for the latter, which definitely was the best choice to make.  For the Summa F1612 is a very reliable piece of machinery.  It is stable and it can process many jobs at a fast pace. With the introduction of the F1612 in our company, a certain kind of peace came over our team.  Before, we really needed to shift up a gear constantly to meet our deadlines, whereas now we can easily and carefree rely on the F1612 to do the job.  Surely, accurately and rapidly.  Also, the workflow has been optimized considerably thanks to the F1612, which enhances fast(er) delivery times. Deadlines are met easily now. Time after time. Assuredly".

Prior to its flatbed purchase Printsquare visited both the booths of Zünd and Summa during a show.  In the end, the final deciding factors to proceed with the purchase of a Summa F1612 flatbed finishing system were the machine’s versatility, accuracy and cost-effectiveness.  Printsquare bought the F1612 in October 2017 and didn’t regret its purchase for a second ever since.

The Summa F1612 was delivered with full options at Printsquare and is used in combination with Mimaki printers.  Besides the basic configuration, the machine also holds an HF router, an Electronic Oscillating Tool (EOT) and a Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT). Most of the time Printsquare uses the machine on contour-cut jobs or jobs, requiring very accurate cutting of details. According to Printsquare, the constant accuracy, offered by the F1612, is an outstanding aspect but especially the diversity of the F1612 is a true game changer.

An extra added value, that came with the F1612, is the increase of Printsquare’s customer base. The famous clothing chain McGregor has been one of their biggest customers since their foundation. But also the high-end ladies fashion brand, Claudia Sträter, values the company's unsurpassed quality services. As such, Printsquare's team gave shape to more than 40 Claudia Sträter stores in Belgium and the Netherlands! 

"The customers are aware that we have a lot more potential now than before the purchase of the F1612. Possibilities are endless since the arrival of the Summa flatbed finishing system. Production and our customer portfolio have increased considerably", adds Ronald Aarts.

...To the stores.

Printsquare and Dimix

The purchase of the Summa F1612 happened through the company Dimix, Summa’s certified F Series reseller with offices in Genk, Belgium and Breda, the Netherlands. The installation of the F1612, as well as the cooperation with Dimix, went smoothly.  Dimix was the provider of Printsquare’s printers at the start-up of the company and has been given advice to them ever since. 

“No matter what the problem might be, we can always count on Dimix to find a solution. Moreover, it wasn’t all that difficult to start working with the Summa machine.  Most of the F1612 functions and features are self-explanatory and the more you work with the machine, the better you learn the tricks of the trade”, comments Ronald Aarts.

“The implementation of the Summa F1612 to our machine arsenal really helped us enhancing flexibility in manufacturing, improving our production process and maximizing the output”.

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