Genr8 Printing production climbing with do-it-all F1612 flatbed cutter

Genr8 Printing is an Australian based Printing company managed by an enthusiastic team of two. The founder Yianni Moratidis is the driving force behind this business, which main business is actually entertainment. His unceasing enthusiasm and curiosity for more led him towards the exciting world of print.

The company was founded in 2018. It started with the production of small products, such as business cards, but soon wanted to create more. That’s why last year they decided to purchase a Summa flatbed cutter to grow their business and opportunities.

From online presence to a cutter purchase

The online presence of Genr8 is – to say the least – quite extensive. It is, therefore, no surprise the company found out about Summa and its F1612 flatbed cutter in a video on YouTube.

Yianni Moratidis comments: “When I was searching for a flatbed cutter, it had to be one able to cut different types of substrates. Certainly, more than one brand offers cutters with a modular tooling system. However, Summa is the only company that also provides online tutorials explaining how the machine works, how to use the F1612, how to use the software, and so on. For us, this was the deciding factor to choose Summa.”

You name it, the F1612 will make it

Signage, stickers, timber prints, acrylic prints, posters, you name it, the F1612 is used for about everything Genr8 creates. Whether it be a soft or rigid substrate, such as foamboard or timber, no challenge is too big for Genr8 and his Summa cutter.

Yianni adds: “The F1612’s versatility with its modular tooling system and the possibility to retrofit tools at any given time surely is a great perk. Besides, also the machine’s efficiency, enabling to process jobs a lot quicker than we previously did manually, make it a true game-changer for our business. The possibilities are endless and the F1612 constantly opens up opportunities elsewhere to create more striking and innovative solutions along the way.”

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Silence is golden with this striking application

Recently, the company bought a Summa Heavy-Duty Cutout Tool, which they use, amongst others, to cut acoustic panels of 9 mm thickness. These panels are mainly used in pubs and restaurants to soften and diffuse the sound. To accomplish this, prints with typical kinds of sound-absorbing textures are used that are afterwards cut into different shapes with the Summa F1612.

Yianni explains: “The world we live in today can be quite hectic, so in their free time people long for quietness and silence. When they go to an establishment to lay off stress, the establishment’s interior must radiate tranquillity. These acoustic panels are a great application to accomplish this. And it is thanks to the F1612 flatbed cutter that we can provide these panels with flawless finishing.”

Online presence sells is Yianni’s message

No doubt, Yianni is a convinced believer of the importance of online presence for businesses small and large. He believes each business should be pro-active on all online channels possible. Because to see what a machine can do and to see what advantages it can bring to your workflow is paramount.

“When you show a video online, explaining what your product is all about and truly showing that to the audience. That’s a message that will stick. More and more people find their way on the internet. Online presence is truly vital for a business to be able to grow. It allows you to build your brand and gain the credibility that you need to attract customers. And it works, because that’s how we got to know Summa!”

Side note: Genr8 recently purchased the F1612’s optional Conveyor Extension and we can’t wait to see how this will bring added value to their workflow.

This F Series F1612 flatbed unit was delivered and installed by Pozitive.