Faces behind Summa: Meet Melanie

"Faces Behind Summa" was created to give you a sneak peek of Summa behind the scenes. It is the people/faces behind Summa, who helped Summa become the thriving, growing company it is today. With their infinite enthusiasm and passion, Summa is able to make forward movements each day.

Melanie, Summa's talented diamond in the rough

It is our pleasure to talk to you about a very talented newbie, working for our Summa Sales team. An utmost spontaneous woman, who is spreading her enthusiasm and creativity devotedly at our offices. Meet Melanie, Summa’s diamond in the rough.


My name is Melanie, I’m 27 years old and I work at Summa for about 11 months as a Product Engineer.

After I finished university in Industrial Product Designs, I worked for half a year in the catering industry in Ghent. However, my passion for travelling took the upper hand, which led to a long trip through South and Central America. Once back in Belgium, I started working in the catering industry again. The job required quite some responsibility and although I liked it a lot, I discovered I missed an important aspect I’m quite passionate about: designing. Moreover, I thought the time to be right to broaden my horizon and start looking for jobs a bit further than Ghent. This I how I ended up working for Summa in the wild, wild West of Belgium.

As a Product Engineer, I am mainly responsible for the Sales Support of Summa roll cutters and Summa flatbed finishing systems within Europe and Asia. Beside this, my job also focuses on application-oriented issues. On a regular basis, I work hands-on with our Summa roll cutters and flatbed finishing systems, which helps me to extend my knowledge on the machines. This is how I can fully assist and advise customers and dealers in product- and application-related questions.

Giving demonstrations and training sessions to our dealers is also part of my job. This way we can educate our dealers in order to build up a perfectly oiled network of dedicated dealers with an extended knowledge of our Summa products.

Because of Summa’s steady growth, Summa will also be present as an exhibitor at different shows worldwide within the soft signage and textile industry. This is again an added bonus to my function with Summa: the possibility to go abroad on a regular basis to support and educate our dealers, where necessary. This aspect makes the job extra challenging and varied. Never a dull moment here at Summa!

One of the biggest challenges at this very moment is situated in the software field. A certain lack of knowledge and experience as to software commits me to get into this subject thoroughly on a daily basis. Of course, I do this with utmost pleasure. But besides that, also giving training sessions still is quite challenging to me. I teach people who are often older than I am, which can be quite confronting at times. But I won’t let this influence me too much. On the contrary. I stand my ground and the more I teach, the more I grow confidence in this matter.

It goes without saying that, besides performing my job as good as possible, I also make some time for other things in life. Friends and family, for instance, are very important to me, which is why my agenda is stuffed with appointments to spend time with them. But also cooking, going to restaurants, going to an exhibition, doing some yoga, reading a book or going for a swim in the open air are ideal sources of energy and a sheer pleasure to me."

Every day Summa strives for an innovative and sustainable policy. That is why we are constantly focusing on new enthusiastic talent, who are not afraid to think and act out-of-the-box. Brave people, who are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. People who think ahead and fully think together in a team.

Do you also want to let go of your creativity and enthusiasm in an internationally growing company? Strengthen our team with a lot of work but also lots of fun? Then do not hesitate and apply! Take a look at jobs.summa.eu and find your dream job now!