F1612 represents breakthrough cutting solution at HD Image Enterprise

HD Image Enterprise is a Sarawak (Malaysia)-based company focusing on digital, offset and packaging printing. The wide gamut of products they create daily range from POS displays, signage, packaging applications, labels, samples, stickers, posters and much more.

Since July 2019, a Summa F1612 flatbed cutter is put into operation at the company’s premises. From then, it brings immediate added value to their cutting workflow.  On the one hand, the machine’s versatility to cut many different substrates in various shapes and thicknesses proves its benefits. On the other, the machine’s speed and accuracy help to create higher quality products. These two main reasons persuaded the company to go Summa.

What was it again that makes the F1612 the most popular flatbed size?

Versatile and futureproof

Versatility is shown in the ever-increasing arsenal of available tools, add-ons and features such as F-Performance, Automated Depth Control (ADC), barcode workflow, Twin Mode, Poster Trim. These have proven to be great perks which makes the F1612 indispensable in many cutting production areas. Not in the least because the various cutting, creasing, routing and rotating tools, allow businesses to grow steadily and explore further cutting opportunities along the way. With the flatbed cutter, you can keep your business prepared for future goals and dreams.

Small footprint & affordability

The F1612’s convenient size fits in about anyone’s production area without the need to renovate your workplace. What’s more, the F1612 model proofs to be an affordable investment for smaller businesses wanting to offer more versatile applications to appeal to a wider range of industries.

Conveyor extension (option) to minimize downtime

A most convenient option that is only available on the F1612 size is the conveyor extension. The extension enables the flatbed cutter to cut designs much larger than the actual cutting area. Besides, while the machine cuts the next part, the first cutout parts can easily be removed from the extended front. This, of course, will minimize downtime of the machine considerably and contributes to a continuous production workflow.

Powerful GoProduce software

Summa developed its own intuitive GoProduce software– part of the Summa GoSuite platform – that is aligned perfectly with all sizes of the F Series flatbed cutters.  It was created with the F Series user in mind. So, no matter the complexity of the assignment, you can rest assured that each job will be processed straightforwardly, efficiently and accurately.

In summary, the F1612 is the ideal solution to complete the most demanding assignments accurately and within a small footprint. In addition, the F1612 is your futureproof companion, ready to grow with you at your pace while your company evolves over the years.

Or, as Sii Hoe Hung from HD Image Enterprise states: “The F1612 is the breakthrough cutting solution we’ve been dreaming about. No matter the shape, the machine can handle it without a worry in the world!”

This Summa product was delivered and serviced by Image Junction Sdn. Bhd.

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