Comeco Gráfico S.L.U. to grow into the packaging industry with the Summa F1612

Comeco Gräfico S.L.U. is a leading printing and graphic arts company with more than 25 years of experience in digital, offset and printing activities. Comeco Gráfico is part of the Vocento Group, publisher of the ABC newspaper and leading press and media group in Spain. Graphic products, whether large or small volume, such as magazines, newspapers, catalogues and stationery are produced daily.

Since mid-2019, the Summa F1612 helps the company to process all kinds of material types, specifically for the packaging industry, while meeting the highest quality standards.

Perfectly finished personalised and prototype packaging

A focus industry for Comeco Gráfica is the rapidly growing packaging industry, specifically customized and prototype packaging. The demand for these types of packaging is increasing year after year, so the company needed a sturdy do-it-all flatbed cutter to meet the sky-rocketing demands with ease and without compromising an inch on quality.

Pedro Iglesias, Section Head of production at Comeco Gráfica explains: “For a while now we see a significant increase in the demand for customized packaging. The F1612 flatbed cutter makes light work of processing all kinds of packaging material thanks to its multifunctional head, able to hold up to three modules. This way, different techniques – such as cutting and creasing – can be performed on the material in one simple job. The Summa F1612 simply is the ideal workhorse to meet the production criteria of our company, day in day out.

Pedro continues: “Also, our many prototyping jobs are perfectly handled by the F1612 flatbed cutter. Prototyping is the first and utmost important step in the creation of a qualitative end product. It influences our customers’ decision considerably, so we need to make sure our prototype packaging is finished without error. With the F1612, we can rest assured that our prototypes perfectly represent our brand and are cut impeccably.”

Versatility combined with ease-of-use

The most important reasons for Comeco Gráfica to choosing the F1612 flatbed cutter were its versatility, robustness, perfect balance between quality and price, and the technical and after-sales support.

Oscar Torres, operator of the F1612 at Comeco Gráfica: “Working with the Summa F1612 is straightforward and simple. The machine’s versatility combined with a modular tooling system and many user-friendly features makes it a very easy-to-use machine. And in the unlikely event that some minor problem might pop up, we can always rely on the well-organized technical and after-sales support of Rotutech – our direct Summa dealer.”

Ideal equipment to grow with the company

Comeco Gráfica is a company in full expansion that has endless ideas and aspires to grow a lot more in future years. They only rely on the best in printing and finishing equipment, which is the basis of their production area. By leaning on the excellent performances of this high-end equipment, the company doesn’t stop by dreaming about future accomplishments, they can work towards them and ensure these dreams, aspirations and goals become reality.

Pedro Iglesias concludes: “The F1612 flatbed’s robustness and the possibility to retrofit the machine along the way with additional add-ons to enhance material handling, even more, ensure the flatbed is future-proof and ready to grow along with our company’s pace for many years to come.”

The Summa F1612 flatbed cutter was delivered and installed by Rotutech.