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Summa America Press Release / For immediate release 17/10/2018

Witness Summa's product innovations at SGIA - Booth 1861

At SGIA 2018 (October 18 - 20) Summa America will be revealing its latest innovations on their cutting finishing systems at booth 1861. Beside their renowned gamut of roll cutters (S Class 2 & SummaCut Series) and flatbed finishing systems (F Series), Summa America will also highlight a whole new array of features and enhancements.

F Series enhancements
  • Thanks to the new F-Performance mode, the cutting job will be finished twice as fast without compromising an inch on quality. The F-Performance mode is available on all Summa’s F Series flatbed models and ensures a performance increase up to 40%.

  • If you want to avoid raised edges in the media whilst cutting, and minimize burrs or ridges in the end product, the Burr-free knife for the Double Edge Cutout Tool will be your ideal companion. This knife is especially suitable for cutting (wall) paper, privacy glass (film), and polypropylene.

  • The HT Rotary Module (HT RM) offers a higher torque (rotational speed) and is the perfect module for banner trimming (PVC coatings). The HT RM exerts a minimal force on the substrate, which makes it the ideal tool to cut porous material. Moreover, the HT RM enables to cut close(r) to the edges, so less material will be wasted.

  • Focussing on the automotive, packaging and insulation industries, the POT-L (Pneumatic Oscillating Tool - Long) came into existence. The POT-L is an addition to the existing standard POT and is used with a Longer type of knife. Thanks to this long knife the POT-L is able to cut material with a minimum thickness of 20 mm and a maximum thickness of 42 mm.
True Tangential Technology (S2 Series)

Of course, also Summa’s high-end roll cutter gamut will be showcased during the show. Beside previously launched S2 roll cutter features, such as G-Performance, Short Load, etc. also Summa’s True Tangential Technology will be an eyecatcher.

Meanwhile, Summa’s True Tangential Technology is worldwide praised to be the most powerful cutting technology in the market, ensuring a flawless finish of any cutting job, especially in thicker and more rigid substrates and/or in case more detailed jobs are requested. Moreover, Summa’s True Tangential Technology is truly unique in its class, as Summa is the leading manufacturer of True Tangential cutting heads.

So, whether it be Summa’s True Tangential Technology on their S Class 2 roll cutters, or the High Torque Rotary Module and Burr-free knife on their F Series flatbed finishing systems, there won’t be a dull moment at booth 1861! Don’t miss out on this opportunity and come to check out the above features and much more at Summa America’s booth 1861 at SGIA in Las Vegas, where the sky is the limit!


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About Summa

With more than 30 years of experience building cutting plotters, Summa delivers highly reliable and accurate products for the sign making, labelling, vehicle wrap, aerospace and outdoor advertising industries. One of the key features of all Summa products is their unmatched durability. Summa's product range includes the remarkably productive S Class 2 and SummaCut cutting plotters, the DC5 thermal transfer printer/cutter and the renowned Summa F Series cutting tables, the F1612 and F1330. All Summa cutters come bundled with a wide range of accessories, consumables and software options for both Mac and PC systems. Summa's European headquarter in Gistel, Belgium. Summa America can be reached by calling 978-522-4606 or via the web at