Summa releases GoProduce software for workflow optimization on the F Series

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 05/03/2019

Summa nv, a leading company of high-end cutting plotters and finishing systems, has developed a new in-house software platform to support its product range: GoSuite. The first software module within this GoSuite platform is called GoProduce. The software is bound to facilitate the operator’s work on the F Series flatbed and secure optimum rentability at the customer, partner, and installer production sites. The GoProduce software is ready for immediate release and implementation worldwide. 

Advance with the right software 

Flatbed cutters are the customer’s hardware of choice when they need to get to market fast. With this speed ever-increasing, the software needs to be up to par to make sure the hardware can keep a more than the steady pace at the smallest error margin.  

With the F Series as the fastest-growing series in the Summa range, Summa selected this series as the first one to be accompanied with software to match. Instead of optimizing or tailoring existing solutions, Summa opted to develop the new software platform entirely in-house. 

 GoProduce offers the following functionalities: 

  • Flexible and tailored import of files to ensure a smooth print and cut workflow integration
  • Extensive material database which is able to automatically select the ideal tool and its settings based on the material 
  • Integrated tutorials for direct support, also available on Youtube 
  • Registration of square or round marks, supporting all RIPs and PDF formats & many more… 

To secure an easy integration and implementation worldwide, the Summa development team made sure the software has: 

  • A modern look and feel with an intuitive interface and easy navigation 
  • Straightforward action sets for fast automated production 
  • Smart options for fast routing and quick problem fixing 
  • A tailorable and extensive material database 
  • Workflows and functions defined and customizable to the customer’s needs 

Plug and play 

The software was designed to be plug and play specifically, without any need for hardware installation. Users simply install the drivers, activate their subscription online and start operating.  

Geert Pierloot, Product Manager at Summa, explains: “When business is booming, there is no time for extensive training, so we wanted to keep the software as intuitive as possible so it could be implemented quickly and used immediatelyThroughout March, we’re having training demonstrations and webinars planned for our dealer network and will be posting YouTube tutorials regularly so people can make the most of the functionalities. The beta tests went smoothly, and users are excited about the user experience and positive results. We’re eager to get the market’s feedback on GoProduce.” 

GoProduce for the F Series is intended to make life easier on the operator, by facilitating workflows via action sets. A quick implementation will secure immediate operability enabling any operator to maximize the potential of his F Series cutting and finishing systems. 

Legendary performance meets future-proofed profitability 

Wim Maes, Executive Member of the Board at Summa, reflects on the importance of GoProduce for the market: “Summa is expanding its product range and is venturing into new markets. We’re convinced software is the efficiency differentiator for companies to become even more productive. So, when wresearched on how to grow our solutions’ portfolio with software, we realized we had the in-house expertise to start afresh and provide our customers with the consistent quality and customer service they expect from Summa. We’re proud to say we can now fully tailor our software to our hardware to ensure our customers get to be as efficient and productive as possible.  

GoProduce is but the first step in the future direction of cutting and finishing. We aim to stay a frontrunner, by making sure software and hardware are fully aligned for the best profitability and operational stability for any customer and operator in the large format, signage and textile markets. These software advances will future-proof the legendary performance our customers attribute to our solutions.   


Summa has a free 30-day trial available for existing F Series users:

More information on the GoSuite platform will be disclosed later.

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