Summa launches the innovated successor of the S Class: Summa S Class 2 (S2)

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 23/11/2012

The Summa S Class 2nd Generation,S2, is a sturdy cutter and after many years Summa cutters are still the cornerstone of the signmaker's business. Reliability, performance and quality are the most important features of a Summa cutter. But in a rapidly evolving Signmaking market vinyl graphics and lettering cannot be the sole features of a high quality cutter. For over 15 years Summa cutters can cut contour with utmost accuracy and once again the cutter was improved substantially to be able to run perfectly in a print&cut workflow.

Thanks to a wide range of novelties Summa is proud to offer an even more versatile and competitive product on the Signmaking market. On top of the proven concept of the former S Class series, the S2 will improve performance substantially due to a new faster processor. The standard Ethernet connection will enable faster communication than the former serial connection. Moreover it will make longer distances between computer and unit possible.

Beside that other functionalities will enhance perfection of the cutter, such as improved media flanges with more grip in order to handle wide heavy rolls even better , in field upgrade possibility for extra pinch rollers, etc. A reorganized, colourful and userfriendly new menu screen and setup will provide the user a more ergonomic interface.

Erwin Vandousselaere, General Manager of Summa, claims: "The new S2 makes use of the latest technologies and is ready to meet new requirements of the Signmaking market".


About Summa

With 25 years of experience building cutting plotters, Summa delivers highly reliable and accurate products for the sign making, labelling, vehicle wrap, aerospace and outdoor advertising industries. One of the key features of all Summa products is their unmatched durability. Summa's product range includes the remarkably productive S Class and SummaCut cutting plotters, the DC4 thermal transfer printer-plotter and the new Summa F Series cutting table. All Summa cutters come bundled with a wide range of accessories, consumables and software options for both Mac and PC systems. Summa's European headquarter in Gistel, Belgium, can be reached by calling +32 59 270011 or via the Web at