New: F-Performance Mode & Burr-free knife

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 12/10/2018

F-Performance Mode

The challenges, faced by sign makers each day focus on producing high job volumes with increasingly urgent deadlines, whilst maintaining the highest quality level. Optimized workflows are therefore an indispensable tool to be able to meet customers’ ambitious production goals.
It is Summa’s never-ending aspiration to be as close as possible to their customer’s desires and business goals, so they are proud to introduce a new feature on their F Series flatbed systems: The F-Performance mode.  
Thanks to this mode performance of the F Series flatbed finishing systems will increase up to 40%. Advantages include faster up, down and turning movements of the cutting head, which will be most remarkable when using the Kiss-cutting tool. As such, the job will be finished practically twice as fast than before without compromising an inch on quality. Of course, performance with the other tools will also increase considerably, ensuring the overall workflow runs smoothly and rapidly.
Geert Pierloot, Summa’s Marketing and Business development manager, comments: “ Sign makers are constantly looking for ways to optimize their overall business. Summa will always aim to keep up with customers’ demands for shorter runs, faster turnaround times and more versatility in applications and creations. The F-Performance mode is, therefore, the ideal way to put every single workflow in the fast lane, whilst, simultaneously, upholding Summa’s unsurpassed cutting quality”.

Burr-free knife

A healthy, flourishing business is like a car. It will not run by itself. It requires a continuous research of improvements, enhancements, and developments. Summa is therefore proud to announce a quality-enhancing new knife for the double edge cutout tool, used on their F Series flatbed finishing system: the burr-free knife.

The burr-free knife has a single beveled side, which ensures no edges will be raised in the finished media whilst cutting. This way any burrs or ridges in the end product will be knocked down to an absolute minimum. 

Filip Depreeuw, Summa's Head of Engineering explains: "Quality and durability are not just words to Summa. They are highly-valuated characteristics to Summa's entire product gamut.  The burr-free knife, which can be used on all F Series flatbed models, is yet another tool, ensuring our customers can create a flawless end product, which meets Summa's high standards perfectly".

The knife is especially suitable for cutting (wall) paper, privacy glass film, and polypropylene.  Undoubtedly, the use of the knife will contribute to a considerable improvement of the overall cutting quality on Summa's F Series flatbed finishing systems. 

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