Sustainable values of Summa in a world of material consumption

In a world of overconsumption and a lot of waste, we as Summa want to do our part in creating a more sustainable environment. Therefore, we are willing to be accountable for our contribution to a more sustainable world. Summa wants to offer sustainable solutions in today's disposable culture and raise awareness of (material) consumption in the industry. 

Wondering how we can achieve this and take matters hands on concerning sustainability? These are our sustainable values to live by:  

  • High cutting quality means less wasted materials 
  • Products built to last a lifetime through durable components 
  • Optimal production efficiency means better use of energy 
  • Help organising workflows to only print what will be used and is sold 
  • Personalisation and on-demand jobs instead of mass production 


Durable energy and transportation 

For Summa, the focus on sustainability does not stop at this list. We invest in durable energy too! 

In Summa’s manufacturing process, we utilize renewable energy to green up processes. This is possible thanks to the solar panels installed on the building's roof to foster our climate. Moreover, Summa invests in charging stations for electric cars and provides (hybrid) electric company cars to reduce polluting the environment. This way, energy is also used to fuel the electric company cars. 

Another example of durable transportation in the company is the possibility to step into the bicycle leasing program. Summa wants to encourage its employees in cycling to work and minimize car pollution. Also, to cut down on transport even more, Summa offers the option of working from home two days a week. 


Sustainability in ordinary day-to-day business 

In carrying out our work on a daily basis, waste is virtually unavoidable. That is why separating waste correctly is important to Summa, so recycling can happen efficiently. Other initiatives is the encouragement of conscious paper usage, such as FSC certified paper usage for marketing collateral and double sided printing in the office. But, above all, promote digital collaboration methods! 

On sustainability at Summa, we are aware that we have work to do, but we are proud of the steps we have already taken and the plans that are ahead. In doing so, and in sharing our journey, we hope to inspire you and many others. 

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