Summa embraces laser cutting solutions

You might have heard it on the streets (or in the tweets), Summa is the new player in the laser market! The very first Summa branded laser has been released and we are excited to take you with us on our laser journey. For the past 30+ years, Summa has provided high-quality finishing products, such as the S Class 2 / SummaCut vinyl cutters and F Series flatbed cutting system. And as of today, Summa provides the L Series, a laser cutting system.

With the addition of the laser solution, Summa has expanded its cutting possibilities, even more, to provide you with a perfect cut in all kinds of textiles, no matter the project or shape.

Laser cutting, another way of cutting

A laser, an acronym for "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation" is, as the name suggests, an emitting light. With a setup of mirrors, the laser beam is directed to the nozzle, which directs the beam towards your material. Moving along the X and Y axis by a motorized gantry, a very focused laser beam will ensure your perfect cut. In contrast to the way other Summa machines cut, i.e. with blades touching the media, specific to laser cutting is the non-contact method of cutting. There is no drag on the material and no blades to be changed. This makes it the ideal solution to cut stretchy and easily distorted materials, such as athletic clothing.

In addition, Summa added easy media handling features, such as a conveyor with motorized de-reeler and a state-of-the-art camera with Vision technology (more on Vision below). Also, smart options, such as the segmentation feed and distortion compensation will add to the overall user-friendliness of the machine. All of these, within a machine footprint of no more than 8 sqm.

One of the main benefits of a Summa laser system is the possibility to work without cut files thanks to the advanced optional Vision technology. This technology is based on years of knowledge and experience by Summa and CadCam Technology (CCT has merged with Summa since last year; find out more in the press release).

The optional Vision technology enables you to quickly scan the material, automatically create a cut vector and then cut a whole roll without operator intervention. There is no need to spend valuable time creating cut files. With a simple click of a button, any printed material loaded into the machine will be cut with quality sealed edges. The L1810 Vision model is suitable to be used in high-production environments, demanding fast processing of printed textiles in less time.

Sounds great, but what exactly can you cut with it?

Glad you asked. The L1810 model has a 1.8 m working area, ideal for a continuous production of roll materials... If you are in the business of textiles, be it sportswear, swimwear, apparel or technical textiles, the L1810 serves as the fitting partner for laser cutting.

But wait, there's more

The Summa laser system was not merely designed to seamlessly integrate into your print and cut workflow. Here is a summary to justify your next purchase of a Summa laser machine:

  • Contactless cutting with high precision, enabling users to process sensitive and easily distorted textiles (e.g. sportswear).

  • Achieve high-quality cutting results that exceed your expectations with perfectly sealed edges.

  • Automatic detection of deformations: Any deformations are automatically recognized by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated.

  • Ease of use & automation, especially with the advanced Vision technology (optional).

  • Maximum use of material with a minimum of waste: As the Vision system does not need to read any recognition marks, the cutting designs can be placed much closer to each other, resulting in maximum use of the material.

  • Safety and a clean work environment: As laser technology is commonly associated with toxic and smelly fumes, we are making sure that your experience with Summa laser systems remains enjoyable at all times by means of creating a clean work environment. The method with a laser is a clean procedure as there will be no dust fibres produced during the cutting, only fumes. However, thanks to an internal extraction system all fumes will be removed. It also goes without saying, your safety is not to be taken lightly, which is why the L1810 meets the Class 1 standard. This implies the laser cutting source is covered during operation and will be paused each time the cover is opened.

In conclusion, the Summa L Series can offer you increased productivity, ease of use, great cut accuracy and automated features when you are in the business of textiles and in need of a high-quality cutting solution. So, don't think twice and decide on Summa’s L Series.

Are you looking for more information? Go to our Laser Series for the complete overview on how a Summa laser system can add to your workflow.