Optimal use of cutting capacity with Barcode Workflow Automation

The resources available to a company are not inexhaustible. For instance, not every company has an operator who is constantly at the cutter to handle jobs. As a result, the time during which the machine is idle quickly adds up. However, by automating the cutting workflow, businesses can better utilise the capacity of their cutting equipment. One feature that can help with this is Summa's Barcode workflow.

The process of identifying the job and opening cut files happens automatically thanks to the Barcode feature. It is possible, this way, to start cutting the job and continuing to the next job without operator intervention. All of this by using a unique barcode for each job and the capability of the cutting equipment to process the information.

So, while the camera on the Summa cutter reads the printed barcode, the software from the GoSuite range will locate the cut file in the pre-assigned folder, open the file and process it. As long as there is more material in the feed with a barcode for the camera to detect, it will continue processing the next job automatically. This allows for cutting a range of different cutting jobs, one after the other.

 A feature at your fingertips, offering benefits such as:

  • Higher throughput without increasing the available resources.
    Hence, optimal use of the cutting capacity.
  • Time efficient workflow by minimizing operator intervention,
    feeding materials and finding job files.
  • Automatic orientation of the job.
  • Increased flexibility in your cutting workflow.

Compatibility with Summa’s product range

The Barcode functionality is included in the Pro Pack of Summa’s GoSuite software. Whether it is GoSign for the roll cutters, GoProduce Flatbed edition or GoProduce Laser edition. The fact that Barcode Workflow Automation is available for every Summa product series brings additional benefits.

Take for example a roll of vinyl, barcoded by job. You can finish the roll of vinyl on you roll cutter using the barcode, but your F Series will also be able to read the barcode and process the job. The same applies to a roll of textile, perhaps the materials were prepared to finish on your F Series F1832, but the L Series, for example our L1810 laser cutter, is also able to read the barcode if the Pro Pack is enabled.

In other words, a job originally printed for roll cutters can also be finished on an F Series and the file for the F Series is compatible with the L Series or the other way around. This ensures a high level of flexibility while taking production efficiency to the next level!

How to get started

Summa Barcode Workflow is supported by multiple RIP software houses, making it easy to include the barcode in your design and to print it on the substrates of your choice. The Barcode feature works for both roll and sheet applications.

To activate the Barcode Workflow, first register your cutter via the product registration form.

  • If you want to learn more about setting up the workflow, you can go to the topic in our Knowledge Base at support.summa.com.
  • You can also read this article about setting up the Barcode Workflow for the vinyl cutters.
  • Or, watch this video about the Summa Barcode Workflow for the F Series.

Finally, as Summa's products are constantly evolving this is just the beginning of true Workflow Automation. For more information on the possibilities, please contact us using the form.