How to end Summer, Summa style

We believe that employees are the thriving force behind any great company and in Summa's case, these words definitely apply.

In this respect, each year Summa organizes a day, especially dedicated to the employees and their family. This way, we want to thank our employees sincerely for all the hard work and effort they put into Summa each day. Moreover, such a family day is also the perfect occasion to celebrate the past successful year.

This year, Summa arranged a Summer family day with nice food and drinks, lots of activities for the children and great company. Here is how we ended Summer, Summa Style.


1. Provide a party tent, because everyone knows Belgian weather can be quite 'challenging'. 

In the event of unfortunate bad weather, we provided a tent with plenty of space. Fortunately, the day of the event itself, the sun shone brightly and the rain never even dared to show its face.  

2. Keep the children occupied. 

With two bouncy castles, a ping pong table, a make-up artist and table football, the children had a blast whilst their parents could sit down and relax with a cold beer and keep the conversation going. As an added bonus, every child received its own customized drinking cup, which it could keep and take home with him.


3. Provide music. 

A little music can elevate the atmosphere, even if dancing doesn't come all that natural to just about everyone.

4. Good food + Good drinks = A happy crowd

A converted truck, filled to the brim with choices between pulled pork sandwiches, rice with shrimps or chicken, hamburgers,... and on the spot pancake baking (add a scoop of ice cream and some hot Belgian chocolate sauce for the finishing touch).  Rinse all that down with some ice-cold beverages and that's all one needs to spend the day (and night) in a good vibe!  

Since Summa's workforce virtually doubled in size within a year's timeframe, the organization of events for such a large number of people seemed quite the challenge in the beginning.  However, thanks to the joint effort of Summa's event team, specially erected for the occasion, we can easily say Summa's family day of 2018 was brought to a successful end!