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Trends in Sign and Display

Wherever we look, we come across signs and displays. No matter if you drive down the street, or you are inside the workplace or at a mall. At any given point, you will discover road signs, safety signs, flags, brand displays, POS displays... there and everywhere. Signage has become an essential part of life and is mainly employed for marketing and advertisement, to attract consumers and expand knowledge regarding a product’s features. Producing these signs is big business and many cutting technologies are available to cut them to perfection.

Due to the enormous variation in applications, the industry is subject to continuous change with signage trends evolving every day. As a producer, it is likely that you want to jump on that train, and then invest in the latest cutting technologies that match the demands of your customers. 

Learn which cutting technologies fit today's most common signage applications

  • Indoor signage

    Enter a company and you will come across signage. Indoor signage is just as important for the company's image, but also has a functional role such as navigating through the building. An added perk with indoor signage, however, is that it can enhance the company’s interior atmosphere. Whereas plain white walls can be a bit too clean and boring, attractive indoor signage can breathe life into your workplace.

    Find indoor signage in all shapes and sizes, which you can easily produce with a small footprint flatbed cutter. This can be a smart investment while you are not limited to indoor signage and able to expand to cut promotional items, displays, window films and so on.
  • Wide-format signage

    Common products that are processed in wide format include interior and exterior forms of printed signage for exhibitions, store displays, billboards and murals. The list is by no means exhaustive, as are the visual benefits.

    Large-format signage is mainly used to engender high-impact visuals to attract prospective customers and capture immediate attention. Especially in retail, architecture and interior design, the concept and presentation are paramount. Here the power of appealing large format signage really comes in play.

    Effective large format visuals will undoubtedly translate into products and services that sell. Producing wide-format signage requires advanced cutting technologies, as the cutting of boards and rigid materials differs from cutting soft signage.
  • Vinyl applications

    To differentiate oneself in today’s businesses is key to have that edge over the competition. And what is easier than handing out stickers to promote your brand or to support a good cause. Or dress up your shop window with lettering and apply it to your company car.

    Vinyl is a truly multi-purpose kind of material and lends itself perfectly to use the finest details. So if you want the best for your customers, you will need accurate cutting plotters to cut these designs. A result which you can become with tangential cutting, only this cutting technology is able to process tiny details and make perfect corners. 

Summa uniquely offers True Tangential Cutting on their vinyl cutters that are recognized for their performance by customers worldwide.

Read more about how they optimised their print & cut production to handle more than a 1.000's one-off stickers a day

  • Custom signage

    Signage for advertising and marketing purposes, obviously, is customized with at least the company logo and often involves a complete custom design. Besides printed signs, custom signs can include non-printed materials such as illuminated lettering on a facade or on the wall. These signs reflect brands and are meant to stay in people's minds. Companies distinguish with their choice of material, colour, shape and message.

    As a producer of these signs, your customers' demand is never the same, just like their brand identity. That is why cutting technologies must be sufficiently versatile to process all these different materials

  • Outdoor signage

    New printing technologies have enabled high-definition and attractive printed signage at lower costs. Since the manufacturing of signage has become more affordable, outdoor signage has become a priority for many businesses.

    Outdoor signage should immediately catch the eye. That means big, bigger, biggest. So that people see it from a great distance. It can help customers to locate your business and to stand apart from your competitors. 

You need a steady wide-format cutter to respond to this demand. Luckily, the cutting technologies available today fit seamlessly with the wide-format printers to achieve maximum efficiency.

Outdoor signage can also include window decals with promotional messages to attract, inform or inspire customers. Depending on the size of the job you can use a Summa S Class 2 roll-to-roll cutter.

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