Summa releases new roll cutter product line, the S One Series

Summa Press Release
For immediate release 02/02/2021

In the sign & digital industry and beyond Summa is known to be one of the forerunners when it comes to roll cutting technology. To date, the company has provided many sign-making companies infinite and reliable cutting solutions with its roll cutter series. But standing still is not an option and product development and innovation are highly regarded purposes for Summa.   

Therefore, Summa is proud to announce a brand new roll cutter product line which is called S One. The S One Series is the next step in Summa’s mid-level roll cutting machines and replaces the former SummaCut roll cutter Series. To optimise quality, ergonomics as well as efficiency, the S One Series is built completely from the base, using the experience and knowhow acquired over years of developing roll cutters. The name S One refers to the core idea behind its development:  
The One to change the game. 

Increased productivity, quality and capabilities 

The S One Series not only showcases a new, sleeker and more modern look. It also embodies add-ons and enhanced features for better quality, improved ergonomics and higher productivity.  The improvements and additions include:

  • User-friendly GoSign software to manage cutting workflows with great flexibility 
  • Efficient drag cutting head, allowing up to 600 grams of cutting force
  • Ergonomic touchscreen, allowing for effortless navigation
  • Robust OPOS Sensor, increasing the speed at which registration marks are read  
  • Improved internal intelligence, minimising human errors and operator intervention
  • Excellent tracking performance for ultimate accuracy 
  • OPOS Xtra functionality for flawless processing of very small sticker jobs 
  • Smart FlexCut feature, enabling to perforate material to remove the design out of its carrier easily 

Future-proof cutting solution 

The products developed by Summa stand out for their reliability, longevity and versatility. Faithful to this tradition and conviction, also the new S One product line is built according to strict requirements, specific to Summa products. The S One Series is, therefore, designed with premium up-to-date components for long durability. Moreover, its combination of innovative features makes the S One roll cutter a flexible and future-proof unit, able to grow along with the customer’s business aspirations and goals. 

Christof Van Driessche, Chief Commercial Officer, Summa adds: “With the experience and dedication on board, Summa continues to show true leadership as a supplier of high-end cutting solutions. The introduction of the S One roll cutter series is yet another milestone in Summa’s large history of legendary performance. The S One Series will unquestionably bring added value and innovation to many sign makers’ cutting workflows.”  

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