Summa releases GoSign software to maximise the use of Summa roll cutters

Summa Press Release
For immediate release 05/11/2020

Since the launch of the GoSuite software platform two years ago, Summa’s in-house software has already proven to increase the value of the Summa product range. Summa knows that powerful software enables users to make the most of their hardware and keeps investing in the development of a performant, flexible and future-proof software platform.

Therefore, Summa is proud to announce a new software module for the Summa roll cutter series which is called GoSign. GoSign is the user’s first choice cutting software that allows them to manage their preferred workflow with great flexibility. The software includes everything a user can expect from cutting software and is bound to exceed expectations with many additional features.

Easy setup of custom workflows

Unique to the software by Summa is the level of adaptability to the preferences of the user. Summa wants to offer software solutions that perfectly matches the user's workflow and both support and improve their way of working.

GoSign is a Windows-based production tool, acting as a bridge between the design software and a Summa roll cutter. Through the additional features of GoSign, Summa is able to make a true difference. These functionalities include:

  • Custom configuration of action sets for efficiency and automation.
  • Direct cut plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator and CorelDRAW.
  • Material manager including cutting pre-sets.
  • Job log functionality for more data insights.
  • Flexible import of cutting files.

There is also a Pro Pack available for users who want to maximise the use of their cutter. This Pro Pack offers extended and specific functionality at a small additional charge. GoSign Pro Pack embeds the before mentioned features and more:

  • Twin Workflow to increase production speed and efficiency by combining a Summa roll cutter and a Summa flatbed cutter in one single workflow.
  • Barcode functionality to ensure plot files can still be modified to optimise cutting requirements.
  • Hot Folder job handling to automatically send cutting files to the
  • Extended import of plot files such as DFX and PLT files, as well as files from free open source programs.

Future-proof cutting software

The software solutions developed by Summa are not only perfectly aligned with the Summa hardware.  In addition, they underline the legendary performance many customers attribute to Summa’s cutting solutions.

GoSign is included with every new Summa roll cutter and can be downloaded from the Summa website by both new and existing users. Also, users can easily discover the benefits of the GoSign Pro Pack through a 30-day trial version.

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