Summa, Inc. announces company name change to Airmark, Inc. Summa NV to set up Summa America, Inc. to further develop the market in the Americas

Summa Press Release / For immediate release 19/04/2017

In response to wide ranging changes in the business world since August 2016, starting August 1st, 2017, Summa, Inc. (Seattle, USA) will change its name to Airmark Inc, launch a new company website and introduce an updated Identity, reflecting their focus on the products needed to grow its aviation (and sign) business.

Also, Summa NV (Gistel, Belgium), developer and manufacturer of Summa products, announces it will set up a new organization/corporation in the USA to further develop and grow its business in the Americas said Wim Maes, President of Summa America.

Airmark, Inc. will continue to sell, promote, service and support the Summa product range going forward under a new dealer agreement made with Summa NV, starting on August 1st, 2017, states John Lash, President Airmark, Inc.

“Summa America will expand its dealer network and will take over the existing dealers from Summa, Inc. who sold Summa products in the Americas for some 27 years”.

John Lash continues: “We are happy with this new arrangement with Summa America, enabling us to focus on direct sales and service of our loyal customer base, and helping to grow our aviation (and sign) business. We feel this arrangement is positive for the further development of Airmark, Inc”.

“Summa America’s goal is to concentrate on developing a strong partnership with experienced dealers. Our Summa America organization will build a strong service and support network for their customers so they can enjoy successful growth with their businesses, Summa products and upcoming technologies” states Wim Maes.

More details will be disclosed later and as the reorganization comes to fruition.

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About Airmark
In the early 1990’s when representatives of Boeing’s painting department approached the company with the idea of replacing their slow-moving and costly reciprocal cutters with high-speed and economical vinyl cutters from Summa. The company has worked with vinyl and vinyl cutter manufactures for many years to further develop products that could meet the objectives needed to adapt vinyl technology to the aircraft marking and industrial stenciling industries. AirMark, as they were known then, became the preferred solution for the
world’s leading aircraft manufacturers, painters and restoration facilities in the private jet industry, the US military and numerous state Air National Guard divisions.In 2000, AirMark merged with Summa, makers of the advanced tangential-blade cutters that began the vinyl aircraft stencil revolution. The merger brought together the world leaders in aircraft stencil knowledge and advanced vinyl cutter technology.

About Summa

With more than 30 years of experience building cutting plotters, Summa delivers highly reliable and accurate products for the sign making, labelling, vehicle wrap, and outdoor advertising industries. Summa’s headquarters in Gistel, Belgium, can be reached by calling +32 59 27 00 11 or located on the web at