Viokyt Packaging's passion for excellence led to a Summa F1612 flatbed purchase

The company Viokyt Packaging S.A, part of the Dunapack Packaging Prinzhorn Group, recently extended its machine fleet with a Summa F Series F1612 flatbed cutter. For Theodoros Daskalopoulus – Head of Construction & Design – it was a smart investment move. 

The Greek packaging company was founded in 1973 for the purpose of making corrugated cardboard cartons. Meanwhile, the company has grown considerably and is active in no less than 16 Central and Eastern European countries. The company counts around 250 employees and is considered a leading corporation in the corrugated packaging industry in Europe, able to meet infinite packaging needs of a large customer database. 

Small footprint, great impact 

With the ambition to achieve further growth, Viokyt Packaging continuously invests in people, expertise and equipment, which is exactly what drove them towards Summa. After consultation with various connections and their direct Summa reseller, GraphCom, it was clear the smallest F Series flatbed cutter, the F1612 would be an ideal addition to their machine fleet and workflow, bringing the finishing of packaging to a higher level. 

Theodoros Daskalopoulus adds: “The F1612’s small footprint in combination with its capability to also process boards and sheets - larger than its actual size - and its versatility thanks to a modular tooling system, convinced us to purchase the machine. Also, the machine’s affordability, the excellent support of the GraphCom representative and the presence of technical support in the area were decisive factors to proceed with the purchase.”  

Although the flatbed has only recently been deployed, it is already in full use. Especially the creasing tools and heavy-duty tool are used to cut large carton boards of various widths. Whether it be POS or POP displays, prototyping,  fruit and vegetable trays, wine packaging and so on, the F1612 is equipped to handle all that and a lot more. For Theodoros, the possibility to retrofit tools at any given time is an excellent opportunity to grow further into new applications and solutions at the company’s own pace. Summa's software GoProduce was also received positively,  facilitating the use of the flatbed considerably. Thanks to the many additional media handling features, the company considers the F1612 as a truly multifunctional, flexible piece of equipment, ready to facilitate workflows and increase yield considerably. Viokyt Packaging is assured it is bound to become indispensable within the company’s operational environment very soon.  

Viokyt Packaging S.A and GraphCom 

The cooperation with Summa’s official reseller in Greece, GraphCom, went smoothly. Initially, we came across a few issues during the mounting of the machine but thanks to the impeccable service of the GraphCom technical department they were solved quickly and efficiently.” 

Mr Theodoros Daskalopoulus concluded: Ever since we grounded the company, we have been investing in the best tools, methods and procedures in the packaging industry. Our customers expect us to excel and it is, therefore, our endeavour to provide them with nothing less than the best and meet or even exceed their specific needs as much as possible. Summa’s F1612 flatbed cutter merges perfectly in this philosophy, so we can honestly state its integration into our workflow was a smart move to make. 

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F1612 with Conveyor Extension (media handling option)