Vinyl cutters to upgrade production of Stickers and Posters


Stickers and is a U.S. based company that masters the manufacturing of stickers and posters – as the name suggests. Each day, thousands of one-off design stickers go through production at lightning speed. It is a fact that the customer demand for stickers and posters increased dramatically along with the growing online market. A great business opportunity. So, Stickers and Posters, after investing in the HP Latex printers, decided to invest as well in 6 vinyl cutters from Summa to meet and exceed customer expectations. The S Class 2 T160 type with the True Tangential cutting technology. With this purchase, they are now able to finish out-of-the-box tasks, tailored to their customer’s needs.

Keeping up the pace with vinyl cutters

Since the beginning of the company, Stickers and Posters has made great progress. Prior to the investment of the Summa vinyl cutters, Stickers and Posters had a range of printers to deploy print-and-cut technology. At that time, they were cutting the stickers separately by using flatbed cutters. However, with the replacement of their print equipment to safer and instant-dry HP Latex printers, their workflow’s pace increased considerably. It was time for the company to consider a new post-printing cutting system soon.

Kevin Roalson – Business Development Manager at Stickers and Posters – explains: “At the time, we were looking for a cutting solution that could keep pace with our print workflow. Then, at the SGIA trade show in the US, we saw the Summa cutting solutions on display. I remember that we were literally taken back by both the speed and incredible accuracy during the kiss-cutting process of the stickers on the S Class 2 vinyl cutter model. More so, we appreciate the ease of set-up and operation efficiency with the onboard tracking mechanism, combined with the ability to work continuously. So, ultimately we paired up a Summa S2T160 vinyl cutter to each of the HP latex printers to keep the workflow equal and smoothly flowing.” 

Cutting roll after roll, continuously

A couple of typical busy periods for the company require a considerably higher production output of stickers and posters throughout the year. For instance, the Back to school campaigns typically start mid-July and run through mid-September. Many students want to give some colour and personality to their school stuff with matching stickers. But mostly the stickers are purchased to give away. 

Kevin Roalson elaborates: “During these busy periods of the year, we are talking about kiss-cutting 25 to 30,000 stickers on an average daily basis of every size, each in different designs and shapes. All of which gathered to be able to ship to individual buyers. We wouldn’t be able to run such incredible production without the HP Latex printers and Summa vinyl cutters. The Summa software and camera recognition systems run daily with such ease to help our firm maintain organization. With the greater influx of production volume, our staff maintains their wits and are actually quite relaxed just watching those Summa vinyl cutters deliver roll after roll.” 

Delivering wonderful stickers, posters and more: it’s what Stickers and Posters does. No idea is too big. And now, with the Summa vinyl cutters and HP Latex printers, no production quantity is either. 

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