Summa opens new demo room in Asia in collaboration with Vision Display

For many businesses, having a demo room is a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of their products to a prospective customer. If done well, a demonstration can be a very effective and powerful tool to let prospects understand how your solution can truly be the game-changer they were looking for. In the world of the sign maker, a solution that solves the pain points in his cutting workflow and enables him to increase yield and efficiency in his workflow.

Summa acknowledges the importance of a well-localized demo room to further grow its business in the Asian market. In close collaboration with Vision Display – one of Summa’s key customers in Asia – Summa is, therefore, delighted to announce the opening of a brand new demo room in Singapore.

Increased capabilities, accuracy and yield
No less than 5 Summa cutting machines are located in the demo room at Vision Display’s premises to give demonstrations daily and show infinite Summa cutting solutions that will help many local sign makers to increase their cutting workflow and grow their overall business.

At the beginning of 2020, Vision Display first purchased two Summa S2T160 vinyl roll cutters with the exquisite Summa tangential technology that helped them open up new business segments. These roll cutters are part of the Summa S Class 2 Series and are by far the fastest and most accurate roll cutters in their class. 

Not only could Vision Display now easily meet rigid lead times thanks to the roll cutters; they could do this without compromising an inch on quality. So, after having worked for a while with both S2 roll cutters, business demand picked up and the need for more cutting equipment soon became eminent.

A Summa product for each cutting need

The success of the S2T160 Summa roll cutters in combination with anticipation of business growth led to the purchasing of another cutting system, the versatile F1612 from the Summa F Series.

But it didn’t stop there. Because the demand for short-run jobs, Point Of Sales Material (POSM), Free Standing Display Units (FSDU) and custom packaging increases noticeably these days, the Vision Display owner quickly decided on adding a second F1612 and a large-format F3232 flatbed system to level up capabilities and cutting solutions even more.

Ready to welcome numerous visitors
The presence of the above 5 Summa workhorses in the demo room ensures Vision Display is now fully equipped to give infinite and striking cutting demonstrations on a broad range of material types and put a Summa cutting solution next to any cutting need to match perfectly with many print & cut workflows.  Both Vision Display and Summa are looking forward to welcoming you to the new demo room in Singapore and advising you about the many available Summa cutting solutions, ready to grow with your business. Now and for many years to come.

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