Fabri Sport increases yield and efficiency with Summa S One roll cutter

Fabri Sport is a company from the down-to-earth region of Twente, The Netherlands, that specialises in providing (sports) organisations with all sorts of promotional and customised items, such as T-shirts, bags, stationery, power banks, drink cans and so on.

For the cutting of the flex foils to print onto sports jerseys, the company needed a reliable cutting machine to eliminate manual labour and thus better streamline their cutting workflow. With the purchase of Summa’s new S One roll cutter, they found what they were looking for.

Speed and precision
Within a couple of months after the purchase, the positive impact of the S One roll cutter on the company’s workflow is crystal clear. Especially the speed, accuracy and reliability are about the most important assets of the machine.

Max Heitkamp, responsible for Operations at Fabri Sport, explains: “Initially we had some issues with the software, but thanks to fast troubleshooting of Plotservice – our Summa dealer – they were quickly solved. Now, we can honestly say we are very satisfied with the machine’s performance. Especially, its speed and precision are striking and unrivalled. Thanks to the S One cutter we can now cut the flex foils with ease and precision. But also entire rolls of customised stickers can now be processed in one go and as straightforward as it comes!”

Increased production and decreased material waste
The S One operators are still discovering the many functionalities and possibilities of the machine and the integrated GoSign software.

Max elaborates: “I’m sure the possibilities with the Summa S One cutter are multi-fold. And we can’t wait to discover them. The speed is incredible and has a direct influence on our yield already. Also, its precision in cutting enabled us to noticeably reduce the waste of material.  This has a double effect. On the one hand, it allows us to significantly reduce production costs. On the other hand, waste minimisation reduces the ecological footprint, which is an important if not crucial argument nowadays for any company.”

Fabri Sport and Plotservice
The cooperation between the dealer and Fabri Sport is excellent. Moreover, Fabri Sport got to know Summa via Plotservice.

Max explains: "Gerrit van Veen, sales manager at Plotservice, was very enthusiastic about the Summa products. He effortlessly convinced us of their value and to date, we are pleased with our choice of the S One cutting plotter. It is a stable and reliable cutter that will provide us undoubtedly many more beautiful products today and for many years to come.”