Versatile cutting solutions to establish business opportunities in packaging


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In today’s visually-oriented world, packaging has become an integral part of the product, no matter what packaging type you are talking about. The packaging reveals the quality of the product and brand identity. At the same time, it gives the product status and value, with which the consumer wants to identify. Like no other, you know that the type of packaging influences the consumer’s decision and it can even be the make or break for them choosing between brands. That is why suppliers make careful choices when it comes to packaging. The first prototypes need versatile cutting solutions to make them and ensure they stand out from the competition with quality, clear value propositions and an appealing design.

Trends in packaging

Entering a new era, where everyone is interacting online and comparing products online, packaging plays an important role in the customer’s experience and enhances brand awareness. With this in mind, we come across the following trends in packaging:

  • Striking, customized packaging

    Packaging is the first tangible experience customers have with the product. So in order to attract the customer’s attention, it needs an attractive design and a clear message. Customized packaging is, therefore, the ideal way to enhance the user experience, add value to your product and drive brand perception. This implies a clear growth in smaller assignments to cut with versatile cutting technologies.

  • Cost-effective short-run packaging

    Short-run packaging demands occur in both small and large businesses. Besides large volumes, small quantities are ideal to launch temporary product promotions. This kind of packaging needs quick, affordable and personalized production processes, which applies to the cutting technology as well. Moreover, by producing short-run packaging on a versatile yet small footprint cutting machine, the existing analogue large packaging runs can continue as efficiently as possible. This is a business opportunity enabling companies to respond to the customer demand cost-effectively.

  • Event-based and shelf-ready packaging

    If you want to spice up your event with custom water bottles or giveaways that are only available during a limited period of time, event-based packaging can be a good way to grow brand awareness with your audience. And we all know how abundant choices can be in retail environments, which makes it all the more important to stand out from the crowd with your product, jumping out of shelves thanks to its design and branding.  Here again, producing this kind of packaging should not occupy the large cutting machines but needs a versatile cutting solution.

  • Affordable, fast prototype packaging

    Consumers value packaging to such an extent it will define their choice to buy the product or not.  Therefore, companies are choosing their packaging very carefully. To this means, a small run of prototypes is first produced and proposed to the supplier. Based on these prototypes, the company will decide which packaging fits their product and brand the best. Once decided, this particular prototype will be manufactured in large quantities. So, when you are in the area of prototyping, a versatile flatbed cutter might be the right solution to finish your prototyping jobs.

  • Creative packaging

    Creative packaging helps products to stand out above the rest, increasing the product’s growth and success. At the point of sale, this creative packaging design will catch the consumer’s eye in a matter of seconds, so the consumer is eager to grab the product and proceed to purchase. Creative packaging with bold colours and striking shapes helps products to have that necessary head start on other more ordinary and uninspiring packaging designs. In order to produce such packaging, businesses need a flexible production environment. Have you tried Summa's Packlib Library already? Register your product and download the software.

  • Sustainable packaging

    Sustainable packaging helps businesses to contribute to a better environment and encourage responsible use of packaging. Moreover, sustainable packaging improves a brand image to those customers who appreciate environmentally friendly companies, caring about the planet. Today, the manufacturing process of recycled material tends to be more efficient, reducing waste and minimizing the negative impact business have on the environment. To achieve this you need good software such as Summa GoProduce, that complements the flatbed cutter.