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Summa GoProduce Laser Edition - Version 2.0

Released: September 9, 2022

Changes to 2.0

New Features

  • New supported file formats for import action: .SVG , ZCC (Pro Pack) and CUT (Pro Pack).


  • Don't go into fatal error when an error is reported by the L3214.
  • Improved nearest object sorting: now uses current position as initial start point instead of device origin for each segment, resulting in less up movements.
  • Reuse marks of last segment of previous job to predict marks of first segment of next job in barcode workflow.
  • Allow manual intervention when Predicted mark lies outside working area" error occurs instead of going into fatal error."
  • More optimal movements when using cut-on-the-fly and waste cut.
  • Fixed size compensation improvements for segmented shapes.
  • Added option No action" on end of job."
  • Now only imports first page for multipage PDF documents.
  • Segmentation margin which allows 5% scaling and 1° angle.
  • Working area is now shown on top of scan images to make clear where the user can move the virtual camera window and the difference in working area with Cut-on-the-fly.
  • Increased max value for Media edge offset" in "Trace" action from 100mm to 150mm."
  • Separate Media edge left offset" and "Media edge right offset" options instead of one single "Media edge offset" option in the "Trace" action."

Fixed issues

  • Solved: Waste cut issues with print&cut jobs that have open shapes inside closed shapes.
  • Solved: Bad mark prediction with scaled and/or rotated jobs.
  • Solved: Start of job (L3214) or IN command (L1810Gen2) only sent after a prefeed.
  • Solved: Start of job (L3214) or IN command (L1810Gen2) not sent in case of prefeed of a segment without cut data.
  • Solved: Cut-on-the-fly not working on the L3214.
  • Solved: Median filter only filters in horizontal direction.
  • Solved: First segment of print&cut jobs is not cut correctly with Cut-on-the-fly.
  • Solved: Barcode reading issues.
  • Solved: Prefeed can be too long for jobs with bowing effect, resulting in mark prediction errors. Reading more marks in the first segment prior to the prefeed solves this.
  • Solved: GoProduce LE sometimes misses the first mark after a prefeed of jobs with a bowing effect.
  • Solved: Line not found" when reading barcode on mesh material."
  • Solved: Corner not found" when reading barcode on mesh material."
  • Solved: Set cutting speed command is missing in HPGL cutlog of L3214.
  • Solved: “Predicted mark lies outside of media area" error when trying to read the next barcode with COTF.

Go to Software / Firmware, then select 'software' and 'laser cutters'.