GoSuite Software

software to perfectly match your Summa Cutting Equipment

GoSuite is the go-to platform for users of Summa cutting equipment and has been developed in-house to obtain optimal print and cut workflows.

GoSuite software ensures operators, designers and business owners to easily process and analyse complex and high-volume jobs with great flexibility.


Discover the Software Packs

The GoSuite software houses three software modules. Each module has been developed to match the respective Summa product series and contains various functionalities to maximise the efficiency of your cutting workflow and increase the overall productivity of your Summa cutting machine.


GoSign is your first choice of cutting software, designed for the Summa S One & S Class 3 Series. Manage your preferred workflow with great flexibility and enjoy automated cutting options, custom configuration of action sets, easy plug-ins for design programs and much more.

The user-friendly GoProduce Flatbed Edition software for the F Series facilitates the operator's life by handling jobs in a straightforward and easy way. The modern interface with improved navigation enables you to find and operate functions quickly and intuitively.

The Summa GoProduce Laser Edition software is powerful and intuitive software for the L Series. Establish a fully automated workflow where operator comfort is key thanks to several smart, easy-to-use options and features. Create, customise and set the interface to your cutting needs and obtain incredible laser cutting speeds.


Behind every Summa cutter, you will find powerful software

Summa software includes many features to keep you going and expand your business further in the future. With its modern interface, the software is quick, intuitive, and customisable to your needs. 


Workflow Adaptability

Thanks to the custom configuration of action sets, it's possible to enhance workflow automation and enable users to tailor their workflow and interface to their needs. This way, jobs can be handled in a natural, trouble-free, and straightforward way.


Enjoy the perks of a well-structured overview of all available functionalities, which you can adjust to your preferences in one single push of the button. Easily accessible, reliable and straightforward. Your ideal cutting software.

Job Log Functionality

Get more data insights thanks to the job log functionality. It provides an overview of all jobs that have been processed and better aligns with Industry 4.0. Job Log enables a simple form of post calculation, monitoring of the unit’s uptime, tracing of jobs, links to ERP/MIS systems, and much more.

Registration Marks

Our software is capable of recognizing a wide variety of registration marks, incl. circles, squares, and crosses. By offering these diverse registration mark options, our software empowers you to explore a multitude of design possibilities and job configurations, providing you with the flexibility needed to meet your specific job requirements.

Material Manager

Our software contains a convenient material database, which includes an extensive range of material types and can be adapted to your specific needs. The Material Manager offers added value by working with methods, meaning that you only need to choose the material you want to process and the material manager itself automatically chooses the correct tool and its settings to process it with.

Compensation Mode 

During the printing process, the media and therefore the graphic, can deform and scale in unpredictable ways. No worries! Our software has compensation modes that allows for the reshaping and/or repositioning of the cut file. This way, you always get your desired results. 


Pro Pack Features

Unlock the full potential of our software with the Pro Pack and enhance our functionalities to seamlessly align with your business requirements. Elevate your experience by incorporating specialized features available for each software module, ensuring a solution for your distinct needs for a small additional charge.

The Pro Pack is not just an upgrade; it's a strategic choice for those seeking to streamline and automate their workflow efficiently. Experience a new level of flexibility and efficiency as you navigate through tasks effortlessly, maximizing the utility of our software to empower your business. Take control, innovate, and optimize with the Pro Pack – because your software should evolve with your ambitions.

Workflow Automation

The GoSuite Pro Pack focuses mainly on functionalities that will help you improve your workflow. By focusing on key functionalities, we empower you to streamline tasks, boost efficiency, and ultimately enhance the overall output of your business processes. Helping contribute to your business' productivity, performance, and profitability

Twin Workflow 

Twin Workflow is a new type of workflow that enables roll and flatbed cutters to work together. It allows GoProduce to read cutting files prepared for Summa Roll cutters. This way, you can kiss-cut on a roll cutter and cut through on the F Series, maximising productivity and flexibility in your workflow. 

Read more about it here.

Enhanced File Support

Our software is compatible with DXF and PLT files, as well as files from free open-source programs. Increase job possibilities by choosing your preferred import method and experience a perfect synergy between your cutter and its operating system. 

Import of Plot Files

The import of plot files lets you modify specific properties within your files. Whether you need to mirror or rotate your designs, this feature empowers you to tailor the file to perfectly align with your unique requirements. This functionality seamlessly integrates with the Twin Workflow, enabling you to optimize the file for both roll and flatbed cutters.

Hot Folder Job Handling

With the Hot Folder functionality linked to materials and action sets, you can simply drop files into the designated folder and watch as they automatically open in GoProduce or GoSign. This seamless integration not only accelerates your cutting jobs but also ensures a more efficient workflow. All while the flexible action sets make sure that what happens next is fully customisable.


Barcode Functionality

The barcode functionality reads the printed barcode and automatically identifies the job to obtain the necessary cutting data from the computer. This allows the processing of entire rolls with different cutting jobs on our cutting machines without the need for digital intervention whatsoever.

See how it works in this video.



Whether you're a beginner seeking a smooth introduction or an experienced user looking to explore advanced features, our tutorials and knowledge base are invaluable tools to ensure you get the most out of your GoSuite software experience. Empower yourself with the know-how to navigate and maximize the capabilities of your software effortlessly!