How to back up or restore your material/action sets?

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Introduction of the material manager

  • It is possible to backup/restore individual materials or even the entire material manager/database.
  • Exporting a single material is especially useful if you want to exchange one material to another computer or user.
  • The Backup of your entire material manager is useful if you want to move GoProduce to a new computer or if you want to exchange all your settings to another user or computer.
  • It is advised to regularly take a backup of your entire material manager or action sets, especially when adding new materials or changing the settings of a material. 
  • The created material manager should be backup-ed on a safe location, in case you have a computer problem, you can then easily restore all your settings.


1. Exporting/importing a single material

Select Material Manager 

Click on Export to save a material/camera profile/bit in your folders. 


Click on Import to retrieve files that you did back up before. 



2. Backup/restore of the complete Material Dabase or Action sets

Select Material Manager

Click on 'Backup' to back up your whole material manager tab. That means that all you materials, camera profiles and bit setting will be saved. 

Click on 'Restore' to set back files that you did back-up before.

If you click on Reset you can set back the original setting of Summa GoProduce (factory defaults). 

When you reset the material manager, you can choose between the standard router or the HF router material manager, Select in function of the router you have.