Witness an explosion of finishing and cutting solutions at Fespa Global Print Expo 2019

The theme of this year’s Fespa (14-17 May - Munich) says “An explosion of possibilities”, so Summa will convert this to practice by showcasing its most extended range of products ever, providing cutting solutions for a wide spectrum of industries at booth F20 in Hall A5.

A selection of finishing and cutting products from no less than three product series will be highlighting Summa’s booth. Summa will have many demonstrations on the booth, introducing visitors to a number of new advantages, features and cutting solutions. They are all intended to add flexibility, user-friendliness and speed to the workflow of its users.

Precision and speed you can count on when cutting vinyl
with Summa’s roll cutter series

Two roll cutters from Summa’s product range, the S Class 2 Series and SummaCut Series will be present at the Summa booth. The S Class 2 T160 with a roll-up system and a SummaCut D140 with a media width up to 141 cm will be cutting continuously at the show. Both machines will demonstrate just why Summa enjoys an undefeated reputation when it comes to its roll cutters.

Key features include:

  • G-Performance, is available for the Summa S Class 2 roll cutters to boost performance and
    speed up to 40%.
  • True Tangential Technology. Summa is the sole manufacturer of cutting heads with True Tangential Technology, which is featured on the Summa S Class 2 vinyl cutters. Each cut will have perfectly shaped corners and unsurpassed quality, even at high speeds.

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Finish a variety of materials with the versatile cutting options of Summa’s flatbed finishing systems

The Summa flatbed systems’ product range, the F Series will be represented by one of its popular sizes, the F1612 and the latest released model, the F3220. However, unlike any other flatbed, this F1612 will have the newest conveyor extension feature. This enables the conveyor to feed the whole 120 cm working area to the front where the user can safely remove the cut pieces while the machine cuts the next job in line. This will add to the user-friendliness and productivity of this flatbed cutter.

Alongside the F1612 will be one of the latest released models, the F3220. Fespa will be the first public appearance since its release with its fellow 3.2 m working width flatbed, the F3232. Thanks to the matching working width with large format printers, both flatbeds will seamlessly fit into a print and cut workflow, processing most popular and common roll and board sizes.

Key features include:

  • F-Performance, is available for the Summa F Series, which increases performance with faster movements of the cutting head, finishing the job practically twice as fast.

  • Conveyor extensionNEW is extending the F1612 flatbed conveyor in the front. This will ease the process of cutting large board material, but is especially useful for processing vinyl and textiles. Once the first part of the job is completed, the conveyor moves the cut material to the extended front where it can be removed easily and safely, while the machine is cutting the next part. 

  • GoProduceTM software, Summa’s in-house software is bound to facilitate the operator’s work on the F Series, featuring a user-friendly material database, including an extensive range of material types defined by Summa, which can be adapted to your specific needs at all times.

Fast and accurate laser cutting with Summa’s laser series

Summa strongly believes in laser cutting technology and is committed to growing as a trusted partner for processing textiles, such as sportswear, apparel and industrial composites. Summa’s very own laser series, the L Series will show you the ease with which all sorts of textiles are cut.

Key features include:

  • Perfectly sealed edges avoid any fraying during the processing of textiles for sportswear and apparel with Summa’s high-end laser systems.

  • Contactless cutting avoids any distortion or deformation while cutting, providing for a perfectly cut, high-precision end product.

  • Vision Technology uses advanced camera recognition technology to enhance productivity. This Vision technology instantly scans the material and creates cutting vectors without operator intervention or the need for cut files.

The first Summa branded laser cutter, the L1810 Vision, will demonstrate these laser technology features on our partner’s, DP Solutions, booth A35 in Hall B6.


Introducing the largest laser system of its kind, the L3214

Fespa 2019 will be an excellent opportunity for Summa to unveil the latest and largest Summa branded laser unit, the L3214, specially developed to provide the soft signage, sportswear and fashion industries with fast, accurate and on-the-fly cutting technology. The ‘on-the-fly cutting concept’ specifically applies to the L3214 and goes beyond Vision Technology.

With a top-notch camera recognition technology, the material will be scanned instantly as well as continuously. Even when the conveyor is moving, the laser will keep cutting, assuring the highest productivity one can imagine. For typical jobs, the L3214 is able to cut up to 400 m2 an hour.

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All the above finishing and cutting solutions and many more will be demonstrated during Fespa on different kinds of substrates, such as vinyl, PVC, cardboard, acrylic, wallpaper, textile, honeycomb, etc offering numerous solutions for the sign & digital, textile and sportswear industries.

If you are ready to discover Summa’s explosion of finishing and cutting solutions, register now on the Fespa registration link and receive a FREE entry to the Fespa Global Print Expo in Munich (14-17 May). Visit our booth F20 in hall A5, where our Summa Team will welcome you and advice you with utmost pleasure.

Thanks to the following partnerships, Electronics for ImagingMutoh Europe nv,FUJIFILM EuropeBEElite and MS Printing Solution, Summa will be demonstrating a wide range of material making it a show you must see!