Summa Tray One Sheet Feeder for enhanced automation and efficiency

In our striving for optimal automation and efficiency, Summa pays a lot of attention to the development of workflow-enhancing add-ons, options and functionalities. Tray One is Summa’s next commitment to meeting these self-imposed targets and requirements.  

If you are looking to optimise your workflow with increased automation and convenient media handling, look no further. With the Summa Tray One sheet feeder the roll cutter operator is ready to process labels and sheets efficiently and straightforwardly. In addition, while the Tray One cutter is automatically processing sheet after sheet without intervention, the operator will save himself a lot of time to attend to other jobs.

Efficient cutting of labels and sheets
Tray One represents an efficient label and sheet solution for industries small and large, including many advantages that contribute to the streamlining of your Print&Cut workflow:

  • S One D60 and D75 models can easily be converted from roll to sheet feeding
  • Also, SummaCut D60 models in the field can be retrofitted with the sheet feeder – Tray SummaCut.
  • Efficient workflow options with Summa GoSign software.
  • Support of common copier sizes: A4, A3 SRA3, SA3 Letter, Tabloid and Tabloid Extra.
  • Direct cutting of loose sheets.
  • Automatic contour cutting of printed sheets by using OPOS registration marks.
  • Easy cutting of vectorial PDF files.
  • You don’t need a stock of pre-cut labels.
  • Compatible with various print technologies, such as screen printing, copier, inkjet, digital press.
  • Compact space saver desktop design.
  • Reliable solution. The printer can work with full sheets whilst the stickers can be cut afterwards. So, the risk of pre-cut labels coming off in the printer is eliminated.

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Easy workflow built-up

Tray One will only work in combination with the Summa GoSign software. When creating a job, you must pay attention to the shape and positioning of the registration marks. The specifications are as follows:

  • Use a minimum of 4 square marks
  • All marks should be aligned and equally distributed – no random placement
  • Respect the minimal distance towards the edges of the page

Once the cut file is created according to the above specifications, simply send the job from CorelDraw or Illustrator via plug-ins to the GoSign software. This is how you can proceed:

  1. Before processing the first sheet, make sure to position the cutting head above the first registration mark on the sheet.
  2. The roll cutter will then automatically search for the other marks and start to cut.
  3. When loading the second sheet and so on, the cutter head will look for the marks automatically and feed and cut the number of sheets as defined in GoSign. The cutter will keep cutting until the job is completed effortlessly and without user intervention.

Continuous workflow for small and large volume businesses
The combination of Summa desktop roll cutters with the sheet feeder does not only benefit large volume industries but focuses equally on small volume businesses, such as copy shops and retailers. By using Tray One, workflows will be facilitated considerably, from copy to cut. Each copy/sheet will be cut straightforwardly and easily. Sheet after sheet. For hours in a row.

For more information on Tray One and GoSign, please find the user manuals here