Join in on the World Cup craze!

Black, yellow, red everywhere!

With the world cup craze, a lot of brands see an opportunity to seize the momentum and adapt products / promotions to the World Cup branding. For here in Belgium, you cannot walk the streets without being confronted by the faces or colours of the Belgian soccer team. Whether it be flags, scarfs, posters or even car decorations, the support shown by the Belgians for their team is huge. 

All these countless flags, shirts, posters or anything else you can think of is being printed, finished and distributed constantly and at a very high pace. This makes the World Cup games especially beneficial for the print and finishing industries. Even while grocery shopping, you are confronted by the colours of your country. In our case, in Belgium, we have been overwhelmed by black, yellow and red colours over the past few weeks. Different POP displays, in many shapes and sizes, are popping up in our local stores, promoting the products with our team's colours.

Join the craziness!

You can be part of this movement too! And as a Summa user, we will provide you with the necessary tools to do so. Simply download the print designs below for your flatbed or vinyl cutter. As an F Series flatbed finishing system user, you can benefit of an included library (Packlib) filled with counter displays, POP/POS displays, boxes, etc. All of which fully customizable and ready for you to hand out your stickers to the fans! 

Join the fun! Click here to download your favourite country!

Even overseas, people are enjoying the World Cup craze as our Summa America colleagues attended an open house at the Summa distributor, ND Graphics, located in Canada. Another true sticker funfair!