First Summa flatbed ever sold and still running

It is already 9 years ago since Summa sold its very first flatbed cutter ever to its Italian distributor, SofTeam Srl, who then sold it to their customer M.B. Trading Srl in Italy. 

We had the chance to talk with Mr Giampaolo Maffei, who is in charge of the digital equipment at M.B Trading Srl, and asked him about his experience.

Versatility and high precision for a perfect finish

M.B. Trading Srl is a company that is active in the field of printing for industrial decorations and advertisements. Cutting-edge technology is the basis for the products and solutions they provide. The purchase of Summa’s F1612 nine years ago fitted perfectly in that ideology because of its versatility and cutting precision. It helped the company in providing a perfect finish to their printed graphic decoration for campers, caravans, buildings and so on.

Mr Maffei states: “A print provider who takes his job seriously should be creative, agile and bold if he wants to survive in the competitive world of print. Finishing, therefore, takes up an important part of the entire process, which should not be ignored in order to achieve a quality end product. The implementation of the versatile Summa F1612 flatbed cutter into our machine fleet increased our production considerably. Especially, its ease of use is both a strength and advantage, which makes the machine to be an ideal addition to the printers in our production area. As from 2010 to date, our machine operators enjoy working with the F1612, which is why we decided to further streamline our workflow by purchasing another two F1612 flatbed cutters.“

Innovation and creativity are highly valued terms by M.B Trading Srl. The F1612 units help them providing solutions, tailored to their customers' needs. No matter the surface to be decorated, M.B Trading Srl has the knowledge, experience and equipment in-house to successfully complete the most demanding assignments. Or as their motto says:

The difficulty does not lie in believing in new ideas, but in escaping from old ones!”

We thank Mr Maffei from M.B. Trading SRL and Mr Fusi, Account Manager from SofTeam SRL for their trust in Summa.