Transforming Information Into Intelligence

With data from its fitness armbands accumulating rapidly, body monitoring pioneer BodyMedia found new ways to use information to benefit its customers.

BodyMedia FIT armbands monitor and capture 5000+ data points per minute and translate that to information related to a person’s activity, calories and sleep patterns. The company wanted a way to utilize the data provided and produce unique, customized and actionable feedback to each person. They teamed with Summa to develop a feedback engine to better serve the needs of their users and provide targeted insights.

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The Opportunity

BodyMedia leaders knew that their trove of data could be used more productively.

  • Give meaningful feedback to their clients
  • Accommodate input from fitness partners
  • Develop analytics and insights

The Approach

Using IBM WebSphere expertise, Summa created the “FITcoach” program.

  • Identified user needs in vision workshop
  • Developed hundreds of rules using IBM WebSphere Operational Decision Management (WODM) to process the data
  • Program analyzes activity data and food intake and compares it to user’s goals, then provides personalized advice
  • Moved from concept to production in seven months using agile coaching and mentoring

“...With the new software solution, the system now provides daily advice tailored to each user’s specific activities, food consumption and weight loss goals to keep them on track.”

– Christine Robins, former CEO, BodyMedia, Inc

The Results

BodyMedia’s flexible feedback engine delivers more than data:

  • Ability to track and rapidly adjust feedback to users based on effectiveness
  • Supports multiple partners, e.g., fitness expert Jillian Michaels
  • Provides feedback analytics and deep customer insights
  • Serves as platform to launch additional programs and partnerships
  • Allows for AB testing

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