Home Delivery That Delights

To satisfy customers who want to enjoy their new furniture ASAP, Levin revamped its Home Delivery service with advanced, integrated data and communications that also support business decision-making. 

A home furnishings purchase is often based on emotion as well as practicality. Customers typically want to see and use their new furniture immediately. As a result, on-time furniture delivery is a particularly important component of customer satisfaction. Realizing this, Levin Furniture invested in upgrading its Home Delivery service and gained significant business benefits as well.

Levin Furniture
Regional Furniture Retailer
Summa Services:
Partner Solutions Used: Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce Mobile SDK, IBM Cast Iron
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The Opportunity

Both Levin Furniture’s leadership and its customers knew that the Home Delivery process had room for improvement.

  • Management did not have visibility into delivery
  • Delivery teams did not have access to necessary customer and sales information
  • Customers experienced delays in receiving their furniture

The Approach

Summa rode with the trucks to understand how an improved delivery service could benefit drivers, customers and management.

  • Design team lived the customer experience in person by riding with the delivery trucks
  • Developed mobile application for delivery drivers, designed for Galaxy Note, with cellphone, camera and GPS in one solution
  • Recommended Salesforce Service Cloud real-time integration with ERP system via IBM Cast Iron
  • Used Salesforce Mobile SDK to extend sales and delivery information

The Results

Management has the right information to support business decisions, and furniture is being delivered on time. 

  • Levin leaders gained data to inform future design and development as well as track, measure, forecast and allocate resources
  • Delivery team manages customer issues and guarantees delivery within a two-hour window
  • The company is getting more value from its Salesforce platform

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