Faster Product Development with Salesforce

Wanting to encourage new product innovation with a faster, more streamlined process, Utz uniquely saw the Salesforce platform as the way to transform their existing process.

Started in 1921 and still run by family members, Utz is a leader in the snack foods market. It produces more than 1 million pounds of potato chips and 850,000 pounds of pretzels every week. Having experienced hyper growth and brand consolidations from recent acquisitions, Utz found a need to improve its processes and technology, particularly around generating new, exciting product and packaging ideas. Utz calls the process of submitting, evaluating and tracking new ideas the Sample Management process. Utz knew it could be better, and engaged Summa to modernize it.

Leader in the snack food market
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The Opportunity

Utz’s Excel-based legacy process involved numerous manual steps, discouraged collaboration and was hard to track. Instead, the company wanted:  

  • Simple, automated Sample Request Form replacing worksheets to start the process and streamline work flow
  • Centralized tracking and accessibility of approval status, financial and marketing details for each new product or packaging idea
  • Increased accuracy

The Approach

Summa implemented Salesforce AppCloud, allowing for custom configuration of a Sample Request Form and approval process visible to everyone at Utz. The configuration also included:

  • Product cost and financial information tracking for each Sample Request
  • Workflow automation and approvals across relevant teams with final management approval
  • Salesforce Chatter for sharing thoughts and ideas about proposed new products
  • Reports and dashboards that showed the approval process in action

“The level of expertise and speed of implementation exceeded our expectations. Summa really has a great process and took the time to not only understand our goals but to make sure they exceeded them with the implementation. I am happy to say that our end result was achieved on time and under budget.”

– Chuck Tullis, Senior Vice President, Sales, Utz

The Results

The project to improve the innovation process, internally referred to as the Sample Request Process, was delivered, completed and went live in 3Q. By the end of 4Q, users had a strong pipeline of new product requests being processed in the system.

  • Strong executive sponsorship, training and reinforcement led to wide adoption
  • With the mobile app, people can check updates, review and approve requests wherever they are
  • Utz now has a fast, streamlined, collaborative process that brings the product knowledge and passion of the Utz team to constantly improve and innovate.

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