national wireless infrastructure company

Adopting Agile to Transform the Business

One of the nation’s largest wireless infrastructure companies needed to solve issues of scale and feature development.

Managing 40,000 wireless towers and constantly adding customers and equipment, releasing features, while running the business is a big job. Company leaders knew they needed to work faster and better to meet market demands. They turned to Summa and agile for solutions as modern as their product. 

National Wireless Infrastructure Company
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Partner Solutions Used: SAFe
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The Opportunity

Leaders saw that the business had outgrown the management platform.

  • The tower management app was more than 12 years old and unwieldy to manage, with a web of interconnected code
  • Fifteen departments used the platform 
  • Features typically took 9 – 12 months to deliver, but only took 18 hours of actual development time 

The Approach

Working with Summa, the company adopted the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)® to improve teamwork and get results faster.

  • Built roadmap for incremental improvements
  • Trained and coached teams on test-driven development, design quality and unit testing
  • Automated build and deployment process for greater consistency, less manual intervention
  • Created process for testing code immediately in dedicated environment
  • Introduced SAFe for agile and lean foundations for collaboration and scaling agile concepts across the company

The Results

The company slashed feature development time by 40% and now releases three times more frequently.

  • Reduced feature inception to release time by 33%
  • Improved time-to-market from one release every six months, to a release every other month
  • Better code quality and QA, including a 400% increase in unit test code coverage
  • Business and development team collaboration led to building better products and higher job satisfaction

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