Customer engagement that lasts

Experiences that engage don’t just happen... they’re created

Engaging customer experiences stem from our unique combination of human-centered design and agile software development. Joint Summa-client teams apply these capabilities to create meaningful experiences for your customers. As a result, you have happy customers and your business thrives.

Complemented by our partners' cutting-edge solutions, our customer engagement solutions sit at the intersection of technology, design, and business strategy.


Software Solutions

We design, architect and build robust, secure and innovative solutions that connect your business with your customers, partners and employees.

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We help you deliver value faster and learn to rapidly respond to changing customer demands and business priorities.

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We ensure adoption by providing tools customized to your needs and create engaging experiences for your customers, partners and employees.

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Are you able to anticipate your customers' need?

Today’s customers have connections, choices and power. Not all businesses are benefiting. The winners meet customers where they live—mobile, social or brick-and-mortar. The winners know their customers’ needs before they do and become part of their lives. These businesses have unprecedented opportunities to grow. You can be among them.

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