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For over 20 years, Summa has been the go-to resource for the toughest assignments in software design and development. When that meant writing Java, that’s what we did. As technology has become more human and engaging, Summa has been a leader in the evolution toward human-centered design. We collaborate closely with our clients and use an agile strategy-design-build approach that puts them and their end users first. And through it all, we continue to raise the bar on software craftsmanship, delivering quality, thoughtfully made systems that steadily add value to a client’s changing needs. Continuous resolution of potential issues, evolvable architecture, and a mindfulness of future transitions—it's all part of the Summa approach.

"Innovation starts with understanding customer need. When we wanted to redesign our ordering experience, Summa helped us design and build a new experience that matched what our customers needed and will serve as a roadmap for the future."

— Brad Doliveira, Manager of Digital Sales & Marketing, Sheetz


Strategy and
Experience Design

People inspire us and serve as our beacon. This often means walking a mile in their shoes and looking at the world through their eyes to understand their needs and what drives them. We use our empathy and creativity to dream up new solutions that engage users and solve real problems for businesses. But, we’re not just dreamers. We bridge the gap between design and build in agile teams to iterate, refine and see ideas through to reality. 


Software Architecture and Roadmap

To build a complete, feasible vision that also adheres to client budgets, our architects, strategists and designers draw upon our deep technical expertise and human design skills. They explore technology capabilities, and user and business needs that the technology foundation must support. The result: robust, secure and innovative solutions. 


Mobile, Web and IoT Application Development

To engage today’s customers, applications must exploit the ever-growing ecosystem of web, mobile and sensor devices and data. Using agile approaches, our software teams work closely with clients, designers and integration experts to create workable, innovative apps quickly. Clients get great customer experiences and business results.


Cloud Platforms

Cloud platforms are at the center of many modern architectures. To help clients achieve scale and speed their development cycles, Summa teams have architected, developed and integrated secure, scalable, elastic applications for cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, BlueMix, Pivotal and others. Summa is also a leading implementation partner for



Clients and their end users expect systems to know and anticipate needs as never before. This requires fast, flexible, reliable and secure connectivity between cloud, on-premises, new and legacy core applications, as well as IoT and mobile devices. Summa has deep experience in the architecture and implementation of integration strategies, supporting middleware and technologies.

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