About Summa

Let's get the name straight: Summa sounds like 'puma'

And our address is: the intersection of design, technology and business

We are a digital solutions consultancy that combines its human-centered design, strategy and agile software development capabilities to power businesses and deliver engaging customer experiences.

Summa is a company of passionate problem solvers who put people first. We excel at cracking the toughest and most complex digital challenges  with mastery of both forward-looking solutions and older legacy systems. But what really sets us apart is how we do it; with a down-to-earth, collaborative approach of engaging deeply with our customers to create elegant solutions that work for everyone. 

Summa’s mission is to solve the toughest digital problems by putting people at the center. We’re passionate about making technology work flawlessly – but technology is really just a tool for achieving our real goals: well-run organizations, successful clients and happy end users.

Pursue growth & improvement.

As proactive learners, we seek out and accept feedback, keep knowledge and skills up-to-date, and turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

Guide & respond with empathy.

As a trusted advisor, we embrace our customers’ needs as our own. We believe that setting realistic expectations helps us increase customer confidence in Summa and in turn improves our customer’s experience.

Communicate sincerely.

We welcome straight-forward, genuine communication that helps to simplify complex ideas. We value candid and constructive feedback focused on improvement.

Collaborate fearlessly.

We believe in an open and collaborative process that focuses on generating the strongest ideas, regardless of the role, title or experience of participant.

Lead with integrity.

Treating our clients and each other honestly and fairly by aligning the way we think, the words we say and the actions we take. We lead by making decisions the right way, for the right reasons.