Top 5 Reasons to Take Leading SAFe 4.0

Chris Ruch

A key to successfully adopting and using the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) is having the skills to lead your team through their journey. Leading SAFe 4.0, a two-day course taught by the agile experts at Summa, can empower you with the tools and know-how you need to drive change in your organization. Why take Leading SAFe 4.0? Here are our top 5 reasons:

1. Learn the importance a strong guiding coalition plays in a successful agile-lean transformation.

Leaders, managers and change agents are the foundation of any successful change. Lack of strong leadership support is the #1 reason for failed agile transformations. In Leading SAFe 4.0, we will show you how to establish a leadership team to drive the change, as well as how to manage and lead knowledge workers in agile teams.

2. Learn how to apply systems thinking and how to take an economic view.

Agile is not about just making development faster—it's about improving your entire organization's ability to deliver. In this class, we stress not just how to improve the development team, but how to improve the entire product development workflow and collaboration across your organization.

3. Learn how to scale agile in large organizations and outside IT.

Are you agile at the team level, but struggling to expand to larger, more complex efforts? Learn the roles, ceremonies and processes you need to be successful when coordinating and optimizing large teams.  

4. Learn about agile-lean budgeting and portfolio management.

Your project approval, scheduling and budgeting practices need to keep pace with your product and software development practices. This class will teach you to apply agile principles and techniques in the critical early stages of initiative evaluation and investment approval.

5. Join the Scaled Agile community. 

When you adopt SAFe, you are never alone in figuring out what approach will work in your organization. Instead, you'll be a part of a community of more than 80,000 practitioners sharing their lessons learned and ways to improve, including people from more than 70% of Fortune 100 companies. Plus, you'll have a network of SAFe Partners, like Summa, to help with expert advice to ensure you are successful.

Ready to take action towards your SAFe success?

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Then, mark your calendars for the kick off of the Pittsbugh SAFe Meetup on January 24th. 

  • Meet other people in the Pittsburgh community of agile enthusiasts, thought leaders, and practitioners.
  • Get an overview of challenges of agile at scale.
  • Be introduced to the Scaled Agile Framework.
  • Discuss how Pittsburgh Scaled Agile can serve you and others in the community by sharing best practices, industry trends and real world experiences.

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Chris Ruch
Chris Ruch, Summa

As Summa’s Agile Practice Director, Chris develops agile transformation and organizational change management strategy, provides executive level coaching, and manages partnerships. Chris has worked with leading financial services, healthcare and manufacturing companies, as well as nonprofits and institutions of higher education.