VIDEO: IPC Systems & SAFe Put Agile into Action

Chris Ruch

Summa is in the agile coaching business in order to help our customers improve the way they develop products and to meet their full potential as an organization. That's a challenging and rewarding endeavor to be in, especially when we get to work with a client like IPC Systems

IPC is a leader in making critical specialty telecommunication systems used on trading floors around the world. Reliability and consistency is core to their business. When their management decided to launch an agile transformation initiative in order to improve transparency and customer engagement, they turned to Scaled Agile and Summa to help achieve their vision.  

On September 13, 2016, Robert Waghorne, IPC’s Sr. Vice President of R&D and Corporate CIO and Jim Riccio, IPC’s Director PMO, joined Summa Sr. Agile Coach Phil Van Sickel and SAFe creator Dean Leffingwell to record a webinar about their experiences undergoing an agile transformation with SAFe. We're happy to share a recording of that webinar with you now, so that you can hear about the approach that IPC and Summa took to transform an organization working on mission critical applications from development locations spanning three continents. Major themes of the discussion include the importance of management support and sponsorship, the importance of training and planning together and some of the challenges that were addressed in this enterprise-wide change initiative.


Want to go deeper? Read our detailed case study about the IPC Systems initiative.

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Chris Ruch
Chris Ruch, Summa

As Summa’s Agile Practice Director, Chris develops agile transformation and organizational change management strategy, provides executive level coaching, and manages partnerships. Chris has worked with leading financial services, healthcare and manufacturing companies, as well as nonprofits and institutions of higher education.