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Making agile work

Agile transforms both software development and the culture of work. Summa is an experienced guide for the journey.

“Is software development more like building a bridge or painting a picture? The answer is both,” says one of our agile coaches, Phil van Sickel. It is both science and art.

Software development is complicated and laden with issues such as late delivery, underestimated dependencies, massive growth in complexity and conflicting priorities. The list goes on. Increasingly, companies are turning to agile to deal with these challenges. Agile offers game-changing benefits: faster time to market, higher employee morale, better productivity and fewer defects. Its effects on a company go far beyond product development. But companies are often not sure where to start with agile or how to implement it on a large scale.

Our team works with you to explore the potential of agile, create the strategy, coach your employees and tailor it to your unique situation. We also partner with leaders in the field to bring you the newest and best solutions.

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Our agile practitioners coach your teams toward self-sufficiency


Assess where you are and where you can go

  • Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to assess the current state and identify goals and success criteria
  • Recommended transformation strategy
  • Strategic roadmap with sequence and milestones

Establish office to manage and coordinate adoption

  • Goal and success criteria for the transformation
  • Priority areas for coaching and training
  • Communication across the organization about the transformation strategy and progress
  • Escalation path for issues and blockers across teams or the organization
  • Management of infrastructure and tooling to support the transformation

Coach and train to build agile skills and keep them sharp

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